Automobile and Small Utility Vehicle (ASUV) Program

The McCormick Place ASUV program is available at predetermined dates and times as provided by Show Management. McCormick Place encourages Exhibitors to participate in the ASUV program using one of the two options listed below. When participating in the ASUV program, only specific types of vehicles can be used to transport exhibitor material to the dock area. Also, only specific types of transporting devices can be used to transport booth material to your booth space on the show floor. These specific vehicle types and transporting devices are noted below.

Options, Guidelines and FAQs

ASUV Frequently Asked Questions

Option 1 – Self-Loading/Unloading ASUV

• Visit to find the available times and dates for your event's ASUV and register your vehicle. Preregistration saves time and is required to avoid on-site registration. Vehicle information such as make, model and license plate will be required.

• Upon registration, Exhibitors will be emailed a Check-In Pass for move-in and a separate Check-Out Pass for move-out. On both your designated ASUV move-in day and your ASUV move-out day, you must first check in with the ASUV manager located at the entrance to Lot B.

• Upon arriving at Lot B, you will be asked to exchange your pre-printed ASUV Check-In or Check-Out Pass for a Dock Pass which allows you to proceed up to the ASUV dock area for your event. You will not be allowed access to the dock without a Dock Pass.

• While parked in the dock, Exhibitor staff must work as team of at least two people and one person must remain with the vehicle at all times.

• Vehicles must be unloaded within a 20 minute period.

• Exhibitor or Exhibitor's employees are defined as any person who has been employed by the exhibitor as full-time employee for a minimum of six months before the show's opening (be prepared to provide proof of full-time employment status upon request).

• If your vehicle does not meet the criteria below, you will need to follow Marshaling Yard instructions for truck check-in (material handling charges will be based on published kit rates).

Types of vehicles approved for use in the ASUV Program:
approved vehicles
How to move material from my ASUV Vehicle to my booth on the show floor:
approved items

Option 2 – Exhibitor Guaranteed Parking (Hand Carry Items)

• Visit to find the available times and dates for your event and purchase a Guaranteed Exhibitor Parking Permit.

• Upon purchase, Exhibitors will be shipped/mailed an Exhibitor Parking Permit valid at Lot A or Lot C.

• Upon arriving at the designated parking facility, scan the permit in the card reader to gain access. Exhibitor parking does not utilize the dock area.

• Park the vehicle in the first available space and transport items through pedestrian building access to the show floor. Only non-motorized, non-hydraulic, hand trucks and dollies may be used to transport items from your vehicle to the show floor.


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