Do you offer complimentary WIFI?

Complimentary Wi-Fi is no longer available on the exhibit floor or in space used for exhibits during show days, except in permanent Food Pod Areas in Halls A and F, and in 1 Hotspot area per exhibit hall (A-F), the location will be determined on site by the Show Manager. Complimentary Wi-Fi will continue to be offered in public/function space and meeting rooms. This service is for checking emails or basic websites with minimal graphic content.

Access to the Wi-Fi network may be sporadic and cannot be guaranteed as access is based on the volume of users.

Exhibitors do have the option of purchasing our VIP Wireless Service to gain access to Wi-Fi on the exhibit floor. Please see services grid on Page 4 for more details.

Per our Terms and Conditions listed at, misuse of any wireless service may result in service interruption to yourself or other exhibitors and can lead to disconnection of your equipment. No refunds will be given.