Are there any other important tips I should be aware of?

Important Tips to Save You Money with The Technology Services Department at McCormick Place.

Following are some of the most important tips that will help contribute to a successful event and save you money.

• Save time by ordering your services via our Online Ordering System. Visit us

• Provide floor plans with all service orders.

• If you are ordering Internet services, please call Technology Services at 312-791-6113 to ensure the services you are ordering are correct for your needs.

• Please pay attention to the DEADLINE DATE. Having your order, floor plans and full payment submitted by your DEADLINE DATE will save you approximately 33% on your order.

• Be sure to check in at our Service Desk upon your arrival to notify our staff when you are ready for your services.

• McCormick Place requires an approved credit card to be on file for all orders, regardless of the method of payment you select. Please be sure to submit this information when placing your order to prevent any processing delays.