Tell me about telephone/communication services.

A general description of telephone services available include:

• Analog single line: Includes the installation of a touch-tone line and rental of a single line telephone instrument.

• Digital multi-line: Includes the installation of a touch-tone line and one multi-line telephone with a maximum capacity of up to 10 appearances of the telephone line, allowing you to receive multiple incoming calls as well as make outgoing calls. Voicemail is included along with features such as hold, conference and transfer.

• AUDIX (Audio Information Exchange): Simply voicemail service. Once activated, our voicemail is operational 24 hours a day for the duration of the show. Telephone instruments include a "message waiting" lamp.

• Extension - single line or multi-line: An extension of either the main single line or multi-line service. This is ordered when you need 1 telephone number shared by 2 telephone instruments.

• Other carrier services: Any service delivered by an outside vendor such as POTs, T1s or ISDN.

• Telephone service is active 24 hours a day for the entire length of the event.

• Prices include the use of our telephone instruments. There is no discounted price if you bring your own telephone. A $150 fee will be charged for any single line phone that is not returned; a $500 fee will be charged for any multi-line phone that is not returned; and a $1,500 fee will be charged for any polycom telephone not returned.

We also offer a line of specialty telephone instruments. These consist of; Single Line Speakerphones, Multi-Line Speakerphones, hearing impaired Single Line phones as well as Polycom Speakerphones with or without microphone extensions. Please call us at 312-791-6113 to rent one for your event.

Audix® Voicemail is available for no additional charge on all of our Multi-Line phones if you specifically request this service at the time you order Multi-Line service. Single Line voicemail is available for an additional charge.

• Tips regarding telephone usage:

Telephone Services include the following:

  • Unlimited Free Toll-free calls
  • Unlimited Local (Chicago Metro Area) Calls
  • Up to 100 minutes of Domestic Long Distance calls at no charge
  • We charge usage for all international calls

• In the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago, a Telecommunications Tax is required. These taxes are based upon current communication tax rates.

• For internationally billed companies, a usage deposit of $300 per line is required. Including the deposit at the time of your initial order will ensure that you will be able to call out as soon as you plug your telephone into the line. If your total usage is less than then the deposit, the balance will be applied towards any outstanding charge.

• A detail listing of calls made can be requested by contacting the McCormick Place Technology Services Department Call Center at 312-791-6113.